We are delighted to take over this high quality club and we are grateful for the trust Nicolas has placed in us. We hope that this transition will satisfy you and make you want to create a great story with NonStop Gym 💙.
👉🏼 Consequences for you
All 13 Etoiles memberships will be honored by NonStop Gym, which guarantees you quality training without interruption until the end of your contract. In addition to your favorite club, you will also have access to all 30+ NonStop Gym clubs in Switzerland, including: Aigle, Martigny and Conthey.
The only thing to do is to activate your NonStop Gym access during the staffed hours, so you can train without interruption.

👉🏼 Practical modifications to the club
You’ve probably noticed in the club, NonStop Gym makes a bit of noise 😅. We apologize for the inconvenience caused but we think the result will be worth it! This week we are tackling machine adjustments, electricity, painting, installing our 24/7 secure access and other long-term beneficial actions. To minimize interruption to your training, the club will remain open during the transition. We apologize for the dust and momentary mess.




Here are some questions and answers about the transition. If you are missing any information, do not hesitate to come to the club during staffed hours or by email to [email protected].

Who is NonStop Gym?

NonStop Gym offers quality training at great price, 24/7. It looks a lot like 13 Etoiles but more accessible and bigger.
Today we have 30+ clubs in Switzerland, including 3 clubs in Valais. Your 13 Etoiles membership gives you access to all of these clubs. More info »

What's happening with my contract signed with 13 Etoiles?

Your membership does not change. It continues as before, same duration, same price, same action at the end and the same termination conditions.
In addition by activating your NonStop Gym access you will have access to all 30+ NonStop Gym clubs.

What does it mean to activate my access at NonStop Gym?

To access any NonStop Gym club, we will give you a personal code and take your fingerprint, which will allow you to enter our clubs 24/7. Thanks to this, you will be able to train outside of staffed hours and in all our clubs. You will also need to sign the terms & conditions.

What changes with the takeover of NonStop Gym?

Concrete changes such as the change of name of the 13 Etoiles club, we’ll add a women-only area, access to all NonStop Gym clubs and new decoration and adjustments to club equipment. But also less visible changes such as QualiCert certification for reimbursement of your additional insurance (only after the renewal of your contract with NonStop Gym).

I pay my annual membership with monthly payments, how do I pay from now on?

Nothing changes, your invoices remain as before, and your direct debits will continue. Your commitment as signed with 13 étoiles fitness still holds for the total amount.

If I want to take out a NonStop Gym membership at the end of my current membership, do I have to pay registration fees?

No, as long as you sign up for a membership before the end of your 13 Etoiles membership, there will be no registration fees to pay at NonStop Gym.

What are the membership options at NonStop Gym?

NonStop Gym offers annual membership for 49.-/month. You can pay in monthly installments (12*49.-) or in one go (588.-). For a membership without commitment, month by month, the price is 69.-/month.
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Will the 13 Etoiles/NonStop Gym Uvrier close?

No, the club will not close strictly speaking. A few adjustments to the club will take place and some machines will move around, but training will always be available.

I want to terminate my contract, what should I do?

Your current contract must be honored and will not benefit from termination options. However, you can transfer your membership to a third party (49.- transfer fees).

Can we also practice in the Boost Cornavin club?

Yes, you have access to all NonStop Gym clubs, including the Boost club at Cornavin station. If after your current contract, you want to continue training at Boost, you will need to take out a Boost membership at NonStop Gym.

If I don't activate my access to NonStop Gym, what will happen?

For contracts that are not activated at NonStop Gym when the NonStop Gym entry system is implemented, you will no longer be able to enter the gym outside of staffed hours.



If you are missing any information, do not hesitate to come to the club during staffed hours or contact us by email at [email protected].