What is the Security Concept to ensure safety for reopening?

We follow the Security Concept elaborated by the umbrella organization for Swiss Fitness IG Fitness. This plan has been approved by the Federal Council, and covers all necessary aspects to comply with the hygiene adn distancing rules. We will reinforce cleaning and disinfection and will ensure distancing by allowing fewer visitors, adding floor markings, and rearranging the placement of the machines. We count on all of your to help follow the new in club regulations, and obviously to follow the rules of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Information about the ventilation

All our fitness clubs are equipped with a ventilation system that renewes the air of the entire gym every 15 min. The air quality is assured by filters and by adding fresh air to enable training in the best possible conditions. The installations are cleaned, maintained and controlled by qualified professionals and according to the official standards. To complete all necessary actions, our teams regularly clean the ventilation openings and ventilate the gyms daily. We stay alert to ensure that the systems function correctly to ensure the health of our members.



When do I pay the next invoice for my membership?

All memberships are suspended and the new information will be shared by e-mail at the reopening of the gyms. Only invoices that are dated before the gyms closed are due, you will receive a reminder if you have an open invoice. The time you pay for is available to you once the gyms reopen.

I received a reminder, but the gym is closed?

Invoices that are dated ahead of the gyms closing are due. Please arrange for the payment. The time you pay for is available to you once the gyms reopen.

Do I need to continue to pay?

No, for the duration the gyms are closed there is no payment due. All memberships are suspended and the invoices are pushed back to the time the gym is open again. You do not need to do anything, we take care of it for you.

My account was charged even though the gym is closed?

Automatic payment charges by LSV, DirectDebit and creditcard can still occur, as the payment may by pending in the system. Your payment will automatically be assigned to the first invoice once the gym reopens. The automatic payment is stopped and no further charges will occur.

I pay by standing order, do I need to pause it?

Yes, you can pause your standing order. You can also choose to keep your standing order running, the payments will be assigned to the next open invoices after the reopening.

When is the next renewal date for my membership contract?

Your membership is suspended while the gyms are closed. Your membership end date is pushed back by the duration of the freeze and the monthly invoices are pushed back until the reopening. We will communicate your new renewal date by e-mail once the gyms reopens and the duration of the freeze is set.

I don't recognize the dates on my membership?

We will communicate your new renewal date by e-mail once the gyms reopens and the duration of the freeze is set.

I signed up and would like to join, when can I finalize my membership?

Once we reopen you will receive an e-mail and you can come by during the staffed hours, Monday to Friday 12-2pm and 5-8pm. Your membership starts once you have access to the gym. We’ll answer all your questions and take new registrations.

Can I freeze my membership?

All memberships are suspended once the gyms are closed and we’ve sent you an e-mail informing you. There is no action necessary from your side, your membership is automatically frozen.

Can I cancel my membership?

Our Terms & Conditions apply. You can cancel to the end of your contracted period by sending an e-mail to info@nonstopgym.com. Contracts cannot be cancelled during the contracted period. The only exception is for those who leave the country permanently with a proof from the Swiss authorities (Office cantonal de la population, Bevölkerungsamt).
All members can transfer their membership to a another person once the gyms reopen. Finding a person to transfer your membership is your responsability, the person takes on the remaining training time on your membership and pays a transfer fee of 49.- (but there is not sign-up fee).