The fitness industry has developed a security concept (German or French) , approved by the Swiss Health Authorites, permitting our clubs to be open and you to train safely. We are doing all we can to follow these rules , but we also rely on your help.


To ensure your secruity in the club, we commit to :

  • NonStop Gym ensures regular in depth cleaning of the clubs and frequent disinfection of the equipment.
  • Supply of hydro-alcoholic gel for cleaning of hands and disinfectant spray for cleaning of the machines.
  • Clear guidelines of 1m50 distancing by floor markings, by limited capacity for separate zones, by moving some machines and reducing the number of machines.
  • Our clubs have a limited occupancy to further ensure the social distancing. We will be open 24/7 so you can plan your visit during low frequency hours. View our real time occupany.
  • All clubs are equipped with performant ventilation that renews the air on average every 15-20 minutes.


The security in the club relies on your help. When coming to the club you are responsible to follow these rules:

  • Only come to the club if you are in good health (if you have any symptoms you must stay at home).
  • We recommend you to take a Covid Test (available for free at your Pharmacy) before you visit the club.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1m50 at all times.
  • Wash your hands before and after training
  • Clean your training equipment with disinfection spray, before and after training
  • Always bring your towel and place it on your seat
  • At peak time, your training time is limited to 60 minutes
  • Wear a mask at the entrance, in the warderobes (except under shower). You can remove the mask during your training, if you respect the 1,5m distance to others.

Security Concept FR / DE

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