Our certified personal trainers are available at the gym to advise you and to help you reach your goals; improve the quality of your training, to optimize the settings on the machine, to give advice to discover new techniques and more. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions, the personal trainers are there for you!


If you are new to training at the gym or you are not familiar with the Matrix equipment, the introduction session will give you the necessary guidance. Sign up directly at the gym for a free introduction to the equipment.


Train in a group with our coaches. Ideal for discovering new exercises, the training sessions are a real source of inspiration and motivation. The session lasts about 1 hour and is open to all, whatever your level. Planning directly in the gym.


More than 2000 exercises to do in club or at home. 100% Free!
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Our qualified personal trainers can guide you to reach your goals

Start seeing changes now by working with one of our fitness professionals who will design a personalized, goal-specific program for you.

Some of our trainers also have knowledge within nutrition and offer nutritional advise and a personalized nutrition plan linked to your training. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Price recommendation : Session of 1 hour : 100.-


Book your training session


Adrien in Chêne-Bourg – [email protected]

I’m a transformation specialist… Read more » At the age of 24 years I already was coaching hundreds of clients to lose between 5 – 30 kg. Would you like to change your body, be proud of your shape, seduce yourself again? Send me a message or close this window and return to Netflix, your choice!


Alex in Servette – [email protected]

I was trained to expand my limits from an early age and reach my goals, now it’s your turn! Read more » I did my training to become a coach and to do body building. Additionally I also learned all about nutrition and how nutrition + sports = the best results! I practised judo, regional football and I have experience preparing for a competition. I train daily since 5 years.
I would like to share this motto: “The only person you want to overtake is the person you were yesterday.»

Alex PT

Alessio in Epalinges – [email protected]

Do you want to change your body? Don’t you feel comfortable when you have to go to the beach and take off your clothes? Read more » Have you tried workouts or diets without success?
I’m here to get you through, to get your body to start changing for good.
Expert in physical transformations (gaining muscle mass, losing fat mass, body recomposition), I put all my passion and experience (Swiss weightlifting champion, personal trainer diploma, fitness instructor and nutrition coach, bodybuilding athlete ) to accompany you on this magnificent journey where you will obtain the body you so desire.
Our life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better through change.
So, dare to take the step, contact me, if you are really determined, to bring a change in your life and to transform your body.

Alessio PT

Alexandre in Champel – [email protected]

Sport has always been part of my life, in many ways like basketball, judo, tennis, etc. Read more » I have a certificat and I offer session that are adapted to your goals and physical capabilities. My coaching is based on listening, challenging and letting you surpass your limitations, while staying fun. I like to bring things to their fruition, that is why together we will push your boundaries to the best version of yourself!

Alexandre PT

Andrew in Epalinges – [email protected]

Hello 👋 My name is Andrew and I’m a qualified personal trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science.Read more »My specialities are weight loss, building strength and improving flexibility through the use of kettlebells, free weights and bodyweight exercises. My goal is to help my clients achieve their fitness goals in a fun and challenging way, with workouts that fit their schedules.

Anita NonStop Gym Geneva

Anthony in Geneva – [email protected]

After many years playing American Football I developped a passion for working out and physical fitness, I decided to become a personal trainer.Read more » I obtained my diploma in Sports Training in 2011 and I continued growing my skills with additional trainings for function training, crossfit level 1 etc. to be able to provide the best training experience for my clients. I look forward to working with you on your physical strength and endurance and your motivation to reach your objectives.

Anthony NonStop Gym Geneva

Aubrey in Lausanne Gare – [email protected]

My background as a certified fitness instructor with experience in the culinary world gives me the knowledge to help you activate and balance your body, taking into account the muscle mass and improving your shape and posture.Read more » My culinary dietary advice will bring you answers how to respond to the needs of the body, slow down the oxydating stress and reinforce the immune system. Guided by my two passions sports and cuisine I will assist you to reach your

Aubrey NonStop Gym

Augusto in Lausanne Gare – [email protected]

Expert in mass gain and fat loss for all levels. The beginning of a healthy lifestyle starts with maintaining a strong and fit body (including the mind). Read more » My objective is to help you identify your goals and design a program (both workouts and nutrition) that will suit your needs and guide you through each training. I deliver a high quality service and I guarantee that you can have any body you want with the right training. I deliver a high quality service and I guarantee that you can have any body you want with the right training.
You will see the results very soon!


Aurelien in Ecublens – [email protected]

With a degree in Life Sciences Engineering from EPFL, I have acquired a precise knowledge of human physiology, morphology, anatomy and biomechanics – indispensable assets.Read more »My training has been enriched by a personal trainer diploma. My aim is to help you exceed your limits by providing you with the most effective methods, based on scientific data. I’m here to coach you with precision and turn your goals into measurable results. Nutrition and training are not the science of guesswork. We’ll work together to establish a personalized program, combining a diversified diet with customized training to achieve your goals. My passion for sport translates into a diverse practice: athletic strength, weight training, running, trail running and rugby. These disciplines enable me to understand the challenges you may face. Motivational quote: “Consistency is the key to success. The important thing is never to stop.” Top nutrition tip: “It’s all about controlled calorie intake and a diversified diet.”


Caroline in Geneva – [email protected]

What I love the most about my role as a personal trainer is without hesitation the one on one contact that I have with my clients. To accompany each client to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams is my greatest satisfaction. Read more » Sport has always been part of my life. I practice fitness and body-building since 15 years. Very early I was interested in how the body works, I studied sports and I also took teacher training for the Pilates method. Because each person needs their on individual approach I am proud to offer you a tailored programme. Believe in your potential, I’ll take care of the rest. (Personal Trainer in Geneva, eng/fr).

Caroline PT

Catherine in Cornavin Boost – [email protected]

My name is Catherine and I have been a certified sports coach at Fit’s pro for over two years now. Read more » Following several years of eating disorders and body malaise, sport was first of all an escape that quickly turned into a passion. It has become a true vocation to help people reach their goals! My motivation during the coaching sessions is to make you live the sport as an experience and that the accomplishment of the training sessions gives you a feeling of well-being. Together, we will set goals that meet your expectations and we will put in place all the means possible to achieve them.

Catherine PT

Chiara à Lancy – [email protected]

Hello, I’m Chiara aka Kiki Kastagne, a certified sports coach and Brazilian jiujitsu fighter.Read more» With me, you’ll adopt the KASTAGNE method. The KASTAGNE method is all about bringing out the best in your inner warrior. I work on the principle that in life, it’s all a question of willpower and discipline. No one is weak; we all have the strength within us to overcome any problem. So whatever your goal, I’m going to give you the tools you need to fight back and strengthen your inner KASTAGNE!

Chiara in Ticino – [email protected]

Hi, my name is Chiara, I’m a certified Personal Trainer.
I am an powerlifter athlete and I love outdoor sports. Fitness and sports have always been my hobbies.Read more» Two years ago I decided to dedicate 100% of my life to my passion and turn it to a job. I love to help people to achieve their goals, physically and mentally. Keeping always in mind that Fitness is not about trying to be better than someone else, but its about being fitter and stronger than you used to be.
My motto:
“Transformations aren’t born from comfort zones. Push beyond your limits, conquer the impossible, and unlock a stronger you. Let’s journey together on this path to unparalleled fitness #YourStrengthYourVictory”

Claire à Malley – [email protected]

My name is Claire, I am a certified sports coach. I’m not going to be very original in telling you that I love and practice sports since I was a child, mainly gymnastics and boxing. Read more » I joined the fitness world about ten years ago, first as a practitioner, then as a coach. For me, sport is not only a physicalphysical activity, it’s a way of life.
I would like to give people a taste for to integrate movement in their daily life, in a simple and sustainable way, for a long term health. My motto: Start where you are, use what you have what you have, do what you can. You don’t know what you can do until you try!

Denis à Malley – [email protected]

My name is Denis Pythoud. I’m a personal trainer with a degree from Lausanne University Sports, and I’m also a C Swiss athletics trainer. Read more » I’ve always been immersed in sport, having played ice hockey for over 20 years, alongside athletics. Today, my mission as a coach is to create healthy lifestyle habits and a stronger physique. To give you the best personalized follow-up and the tools to achieve it. By listening to your expectations. Supporting you on various health issues. Sport, nutrition, sleep. Each session is carefully designed to help you tone your body, lose weight, improve your general fitness or prepare for a specific sporting goal. Let’s get fit together!

Eliza in Servette – [email protected]

I’m eager to design you a unique, fun and specialized personal program, which includes your preferences, life circumstances, personal needs and fitness level.Read more » This is combined with essential nutritional guidance, some of my own recipes and of course full motivational support.
I’m a level 3 qualified trainer. I’m passionate about fitness, dance and nutrition, and have toured Europe for dance and fitness competitions. Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Advisor

Florian in Rolle – Bussigny – [email protected]

“Hello everyone! I’m Florian, a passionate and dedicated sports coach, ready to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Read more »With my experience as a personal trainer, I specialize in creating personalized training programs tailored to your needs and fitness level.
Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your endurance or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, I’m here to support you every step of the way. I believe in a holistic approach to fitness, combining exercise with a balanced diet and relaxation techniques to achieve lasting results.My aim is to motivate, guide and encourage you to push your limits, while respecting your needs and abilities. I’m here to help you overcome obstacles, give you the tools you need to succeed and support you every step of the way. If you’re ready to invest in your health and commit fully to your well-being, I’m here to help you realize your dreams. Together, we can make great strides and create a stronger, more confident version of yourself. Don’t wait any longer, contact me today and let’s begin this exciting journey towards a better version of yourself!”


François à Aigle – [email protected]

Ask yourself who you would be today, if you had done what you are doing now a year ago? Graduating in 2018 from Fit’s pro as a Plateau Coach and Personal Trainer, I would be able to assist you in achieving your goals both athletically and nutritionally.
Read more »
Whether it is for weight loss, mass gain or more specific needs such as performance, I would place myself as a lever arm to accelerate your success against yourself and thus, your results will match your efforts! Since I was a child, I have tested countless sports, from contact to performance, from aesthetic to artistic, which gives me a great knowledge of the needs of each one. Today, I have the chance to work as Manager of the Non-Stop Gym in Aigle and as a Personal Trainer in this gym. This allows me to be close to you and your workouts. Together, we can accomplish great things!

Fanny PT

Gregory in Champel – [email protected]

Surpass your dreams and reach your peak performance! With 15 years of experience, a past in body fitness and combat sports (Judo, Karate, Free Fight), I’m aligned towards endurance sports (Trails, Marathons, IronMan…).Read more » Aside from this, I travel the world and especially Asia where I developped a method of training using body weight. While travelling I discover and learn more about different techniques (yoga, meditation) which makes me flexible to accompany you in reaching your objectives!

Greg PT

Iris in Cornavin Boost – [email protected]

Passionate about my job for the past 2 years, holder of a double degree, I know, through my professional experience, Read more » but also through my personal experience, that every person can achieve their goals, thanks to coaching, the right training, the right nutrition and an always positive attitude!

Ivan in Cornavin Boost – [email protected]

Hi, I’m Ivan, Italian, “PUGLIA”, I’m a very active and sporty guy and I believe that time is the real wealth. Read more » In Milan, Italy, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in sports and sports prevention and a bachelor’s degree in osteopathic sciences. I have been practicing martial arts for 10 years and I teach kickboxing to all ages. I have been working in Geneva for 4 years as a private coach.

Jacques in Biel – [email protected]

What I like most in my job is to combine sport and discipline (physical and mental), all in a relationship of trust and exchange. Read more » My coaching favors human relationships and is based on the valorization of your person and your objectives.
Passionate since my youth, I had the chance to practice different sports such as soccer, taekwondo, dance etc. Graduated as a PERSONAL TRAINER & FITNESS TRAINING INSTRUCTOR, sport has become my vocation. My coaching sessions (indoor or outdoor) are varied and I can adapt to your expectations. Here is a small list of my qualifications.
Weight gain – weight loss – muscle strengthening and rehabilitation – physical preparation for athletes – basic nutritional advice etc. I like to work on the mobility of the joints, especially for people suffering from chronic joint disease, in order to obtain better results in the long term.
With me you will always be listened to and pushed to excel. More than a job, a passion Jack Coaching.

Jef in Lausanne Tunnel- [email protected]

Investing time in your body is a wise decision, because it is the only place you will spend all your days! 1 hour of exercise is 4% of your day!

Jules in Carouge – [email protected]

I love sports and I’m a football fan since childhood. I’ve played at a high level till 18. Since several years I’ve become passionate about fitness in general.Read more » From this I gained a strong motivation that I wish to share. My goal is to make you progress and reach your goal, in a cheerful and amiable way at the gym. Don’t wait to book your session with me!

Kael in Servette – [email protected]

In love with sports since I was young, I practiced soccer at the national level. Thirsty to develop my knowledge and push my limits, I added a sport rugby XIII, with my team we won the French championship. This experience gave me the desire to develop my knowledge in physical preparation and coaching.Read more » In 2018 I passed the BPJEPS AF diploma (option bodybuilding and weightlifting) which allowed me to develop and acquire new knowledge on the human body.Following the obtaining of this diploma I started coaching while specializing in weight loss and mass gain, but also within sports clubs to offer physical preparation throughout the season. I propose adapted coaching to meet your objectives in complete safety. Motivation and discipline are my watchwords, I will always be the last to remind you of remind you of your goals! Convincing yourself that you are capable is already half the battle!

kael NonStop Gym

Laura in Eaux-Vives – [email protected]

From pole dance to circus artistry and to fitness, I’ve completed professional trainings and diplomas. I’m truly passionat and I can support you and encourage you along your path.Read more » Professional circus artist and pole dance artist, I’m an experienced teacher for fitness. With my background I have detailed knowledge about moving, muscles and range of movement and flexibility. I can plan fitness programmes for your specific needs. I’m dynamic and flexible and I will share my broad knowledge to help you reach your objectives.

Laura PT

Leona in Jonction – [email protected]

It’s a fact that physical training is a gift you make for your mind and bodyRead more »I wish to share my passion for sports with you and put my experience to your service (weightloss, muscle gain, or just cardio and moving) at highest standards and with good humor.

Luc in Basel – [email protected]

Sport has always been a part of me. It is naturally that I turned to the profession of sports coach.Read more »Specialized in bodybuilding, weightlifting and fitness, I am constantly looking for the perfect execution of movements. I will be happy to help you evolve and push your limits.

Lucie in Carouge – [email protected]

It’s my motivation to share my enthusiasm and dynamic with you! Sport is part of my life since childhood, starting with ballet, gymnastics and later body-building and yoga.Read more » I practice Pole Dance at a competitive level (3rd place Pole Art Hungary, 1st place Pole Sports Zurich, 2017). Each of these disciplines has contributed to my education in addition I’ve studied Sports and I can put together a training programme for you in functional training or targeted on a specific muscle group, working on body weight or flexibility. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

Lucie PT

Ludovic in Lausanne Tunnel- [email protected]

Holder of 2 diplomas from the University of Lausanne, I work as a personal trainer at Non Stop Gym, in Lausanne. Read more » I coach my clients and provide them with a tailor-made follow-up adapted to all types of objectives, whether it is to get back in shape, lose weight or gain muscle mass. I adapt to their needs and their pace.
And my mission?
I wish to be a moral support and to help in a benevolent and good mood people who are tired of not liking their reflection in the mirror, like me before. I will be the one to believe in you when no one else will.

Marie in Lausanne Flon – [email protected]

Qualified sports coach and passionate trail runner. Read more » I wish to offer everyone the chance to be mobile, active, strengthened for good health and a comfortable daily life thanks to the methods of functional training (study of human locomotion). Know how your body works, know how to use it, control it through good awareness. Are you looking for performance? I challenge you, target your weaknesses, bring you to the goal through your work. My creative and energetic personality allows me to offer you varied training sessions so that everyone finds pleasure IN MOVEMENT!

Marie PT

Mathilde à Rolle – [email protected]

Looking to improve or change your routine? Don’t wait! Together we will develop your potential by going beyond your limits.
Read more » Sports have been a part of my life since I was very young. From dancing to swimming (competitive level) to horseback riding and running. For several years, I have been passionate about fitness and have decided to make it my profession. As a certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach, I will accompany you on your way to well-being and health!

Maxime in Fribourg – [email protected]

All my life I’ve practiced different sports, football, badminton, basketball, mountainbike, swimming, snowboarding. Currently I’m in the national league for american football.Read more » I’ve followed many trainings in different physical preparations and I’m very interested in fitness in general. I’ve completed a fitness trainer certificate in Genevea and I continuously follow further education courses to put my competencies to your service and support you to reach your objectives. “If you quit once it becomes a habit. Never quit.” Michael Jordan.

Matt PT

Nicolas in Ecublens – [email protected]

I am convinced that health and sport are intimately linked. My goal: to help you keep or regain your health through sport. Read more »Passionate about sport and fitness, I have been a sports osteopath for 8 years. It was therefore logical for me to become a personal trainer to support you and help you achieve all your goals.
Are you afraid to return to sport after an injury?
Have you never realy done sports?
Do you still suffer from little injures that prevent you from moving forward?
Do you want to take control of your health?
Do not hesitate to call me for a session with the eye of a health professional. (Sport, nutrition, mental preparation)

Pablo in Pâquis – [email protected]

Hi, my name is Pablo Ortega.With an “APAPS” diploma and a lifelong passion for bodybuilding, I’ll be there to give you all the answers you need about fat loss and muscle gain. Read more »I’m not here to give you a big speech, but rather to teach you what the words discipline, rigor and patience mean. If you need a diet program, training program or personal training coaching, I’m the person for you! (FR/EN/ES)

Oyunbold in Carouge – [email protected]

Wellness is the balanced combination of body and mind. Everyone has a different body and it’s up to you to take care of it.Are you ready for your next challenge? Lacking motivation? It’s never too late to get started! Read more »I have been involved in various sports since I was a child, such as swimming, soccer, basketball, boxing, workout and weight training, which I have been doing regularly for 6 years now. After a herniated disc, which made me aware of the importance of our physical condition, I became passionate about anatomy and bio-mechanics and thus acquired skills that will allow me to guide you as efficiently as possible according to your objective, whether it is weight loss, weight gain or simply getting back in shape.
Don’t hesitate, the first session is free! (French, Mongolian, English).

Riccardo in Ticino – [email protected]

Hi everybody, I’m Riccardo and since I was a kid I have always been in the field of sports practicing even for years basketball as a Pro…Read more » With a Certified Diploma in Sports Sciences, I continued my path in fitness specializing in Functional Training and Body Building, not forgetting about postural work and always following a natural and complete diet… So when you plan on getting started I’m here, do not hesitate to contact me! (Fitness Expert in Ticino.Italian,English)

Sarah in Blandonnet – [email protected]

Promoting healthy sports is my primary objective.Read more » Playing sports increases life expectancy. My goal is to share my passion to allow people to improve their daily life in the long term while giving them the pleasure to do it.

Steven in Lancy – [email protected]

Empathetic and attentive, I support each of my students in order to find the training method best suited to their needs and objectives.Read more » Quick and motivating results are the real challenges of our business, but above all the key to long-term motivation.
My mission is to give you that motivation. My 2 favorite questions: How do you see yourself in 1 year by taking action? How do you see yourself in 1 year if you don’t take action? (Personal trainer in Geneva.)

Thibault in Cornavin Boost – [email protected]

Do you need to get into shape, loose weight, or gain mass…Read more » Do you want to increase in your training intensity? Technical advice, nutrition, psychology and learning formats are the key to your success. Make use of my experience of coaching in the sports world, as a teacher and as a former athlete. Bachelor in physical eduation and further college education for teaching sports.(ENG/FR)

Thibaut in Eaux-Vives – [email protected]

The body achieves what the mind believes…Read more » After many years of professional Basketball, two tears of the Achilles tendon made me curious to discover the body’s anatomy and how it works. This interest soon turned into a diploma for Fitness and Body Building, boxing training, nutrition. I gladly put forwards my experience to support you in your training and assist you to reach your goals. “We are what we do. Excellence isn’t a single act but a habit” Aristotle.

Tiago in Nyon – [email protected]

As a personal trainer and fitness trainer, my goal is to help you reach your maximum athletic potential.Read more » With my expertise and experience in fitness, nutrition and recovery, I am here to guide you along your journey to improve your strength, speed, endurance and agility, while focusing on the most important thing, your overall health. Whether you are a high level athlete or simply someone who wants to improve their fitness and lifestyle, I am here to help you reach your goals.

Yannick in Geneva – [email protected]

“When shall we start?” You want more information about me? Check my website Read more » I have trained rugby at a high level and played soccer, I weightlift, do crossfit and triathlon, I will know how to challenge you to reach your objectives! I’ve been coaching for multiple years and I can also advise you for weightloss, muscle building or restarting your training.

Youssef in Paquis – [email protected]

– Our body is the only thing that really belongs to us in our life, we must take care of it and make sure that it remains healthy as long as possible.

Youhan in Blandonnet- [email protected]

My experience in the army introduced me to several essential aspects of personal development such as self-discipline, self-transcendence and curiosity.Read more »After graduating as a Personal Trainer, I naturally decided to continue training and specializing in physical culture and health sports.
I will elaborate and build for you personalized methods according to your specific needs (physical preparation, muscular reinforcement, personal development, fitness, food program …).

Zoe in Bussigny- [email protected]

My name is Zoé and I offer those who are ready to commit to a healthy, active lifestyle the unique opportunity to surpass themselves and discover their full potential.Read more »My coaching goes beyond the simple practice of sport: it’s a complete approach, integrating physical, mental and emotional well-being.