Our qualified Personal Trainers are here to help you achieve your goal.

The team at NonStop Gym knows how hard it is to stay active and fit with busy work schedules, families, social lives and seasonal changes. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing not only a 24/7 facility and state of the art equipment but also personalized programs and nutrition plans to help you attain your ultimate goals. Each personal trainer is qualified and experienced to match the quality you expect.

Just because our prices are low, doesn’t mean your training results will be.

All members get a free introduction to the equipment in the gym. If you want more support, you can book a session with our Personal Trainers that will help you get in shape and/or achieve your goals. Your Personal Trainer will take into account your individual fitness and training goals as well as your lifestyle so that your program works well for you. You don’t need to put in long hours to get results − you need to know how to work out as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s what our Personal Trainers at NonStop Gym can offer you.

So, whether you want to get in shape, lose weight or run that marathon you’ve always wanted − let our personal trainers help you achieve your goal.



Struggling to get the results you want? Having a hard time finding the motivation to be as disciplined with your training as you’d like to be? Or simply looking for a change to your workout? Check out our training programs. We offer a range of programs for individuals or small groups. All at great prices.

All our programs are open to all levels. Each program will be tailored to your individual goal and fitness level.

“It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it!”

Personal Trainer (60min)

  • 3 sessions: 250.-
  • 5 sessions: 400.-
  • 10 sessions: 770.-

Start seeing changes now by working with one of our fitness professionals who will design a personalized, goal-specific program for you. To the personalized program it’s possible to add pre and post examination so you can see the changes in the mirror and on paper. Some of our trainers also have knowledge within nutrition and offer nutritional advise and a personalized nutrition plan linked to your training. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Anthony –

After many years playing American Football I developped a passion for working out and physical fitness, I decided to become a personal trainer.Read more » I obtained my diploma in Sports Training in 2011 and I continued growing my skills with additional trainings for function training, crossfit level 1 etc. to be able to provide the best training experience for my clients. I look forward to working with you on your physical strength and endurance and your motivation to reach your objectives. (Personal Trainer in Geneva)

Anthony NonStop Gym

Ariane –

Passionate about body and health since her early ages, Ariane has the physical education from top dance school in Belgium, the theory from a degree in Bio-engineering and the evidence in three Swiss Fitness Championship titles.Read more » More info about Ariane on
Ariane puts her experience at your service to help you reach your goals, via both training and nutrition advice. (Personal Trainer in Geneva and Lausanne)


Arnaud –

I’m practicing sports since my early years, specifically doing ahtletics, bodybuilding and CrossFit.Read more » Over the years it’s become more than a passion for me and i’ve decided to turn fitness into my career to pass on my knowledge to others. I graduated with a national diploma in “force and form” and I’m also certified in weight lifting and pilates.
(Personal Trainer in Lausanne, Geneva)

Arthur –

It’s a true joy to be able to motivate, encourage, and train my clients to achieve their goals. Seeing them evolve and gain confidence is a great pride for me.Read more »
Since at young age, I’m passionate about sports. I started playing rugby with friends, and eventually played in the national team of the Ivory Coast and in several clubs in France. My love for training led to becoming a Personal Trainer. I’m also certified for Grit Series, Bodypump and Bootcamps. (Personal Trainer in Geneva)


Aubrey –

My background as a certified fitness instructor with experience in the culinary world gives me the knowledge to help you activate and balance your body, taking into account the muscle mass and improving your shape and posture.Read more » My culinary dietary advice will bring you answers how to respond to the needs of the body, slow down the oxydating stress and reinforce the immune system. Guided by my two passions sports and cuisine I will assist you to reach your goals. (Personal Trainer in Lausanne & Geneva, eng/fr)

Aubrey NonStop Gym

Caroline –

What I love the most about my role as a personal trainer is without hesitation the one on one contact that I have with my clients. To accompany each client to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams is my greatest satisfaction. Read more » Sport has always been part of my life. I practice fitness and body-building since 15 years. Very early I was interested in how the body works, I studied sports and I also took teacher training for the Pilates method. Because each person needs their on individual approach I am proud to offer you a tailored programme. Believe in your potential, I’ll take care of the rest. (Personal Trainer in Geneva, eng/fr)

Caroline NonStop Gym

Chloé –

Passionate practioner of body building for many years, I put all my experience and knowledge towards helping you reach your goals. Read more »I especially focus on listening to yourself, surpassing your limites, discipline and rigor. More information on I also share my passion on my Instagram account @fitbychloe as well as healthy recipes on my blog (Personal trainer in Biel)


Eliza –

I’m eager to design you a unique, fun and specialized personal program, which includes your preferences, life circumstances, personal needs and fitness level.Read more » This is combined with essential nutritional guidance, some of my own recipes and of course full motivational support.
I’m a level 3 qualified trainer. I’m passionate about fitness, dance and nutrition, and have toured Europe for dance and fitness competitions. (Personal Trainer in Geneva)


Gregory –

Surpass your dreams and reach your peak performance! With 15 years of experience, a past in body fitness and combat sports (Judo, Karate, Free Fight), I’m aligned towards endurance sports (Trails, Marathons, IronMan…).Read more » Aside from this, I travel the world and especially Asia where I developped a method of training using body weight. While travelling I discover and learn more about different techniques (yoga, meditation) which makes me flexible to accompany you in reaching your objectives! (Personal Trainer in Geneva)

Grégory NonStop Gym


I put my skills and knowledge I’ve gained with my master 2 in physical education to the service of my clients.Read more » I have trained rugby at a high level and played soccer, I weightlift, do crossfit and triathlon, I will know how to challenge you to reach your objectives! I’ve been coaching for multiple years and I can also advise you for weightloss, muscle building or restarting your training. For more information you can check my website (Personal Trainer in Geneva)

Yannick NonStop Gym


I love sports and I’m a football fan since childhood. I’ve played at a high level till 18. Since several years I’ve become passionate about fitness in general.Read more » From this I gained a strong motivation that I wish to share. My goal is to make you progress and reach your goal, in a cheerful and amiable way at the gym. Don’t wait to book your session with me! (Personal Trainer in Geneva)

Jules NonStop Gym

Lucie –

It’s my motivation to share my enthusiasm and dynamic with you! Sport is part of my life since childhood, starting with ballet, gymnastics and later body-building and yoga.Read more » I practice Pole Dance at a competitive level (3rd place Pole Art Hungary, 1st place Pole Sports Zurich, 2017). Each of these disciplines has contributed to my education in addition I’ve studied Sports and I can put together a training programme for you in functional training or targeted on a specific muscle group, working on body weight or flexibility. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! (Personal Trainer in Geneva and Lausanne)


Marianne –

Since early childhood sport and movement has been an integral part of my life. Aside from this health in general, like the importance of a balanced diet has been a focus of interest for me.Read more » In 2013 I decided to make my life passion to my job and assist others on their path. I completed courses at SAFS (Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports) and graduated with the master trainer diploma from the Dr. Gottlob Instut in Heidelberg. I look forward to developing a tailored program to your needs and to lead you through your training safely. I’m your expert for fitness, prevention and trainings therapy. I can lead you to your goals whether you are looking for weight reduction, gaining muscle mass, strengthening your back or joints. (Personal Trainer in Oerlikon)



All my life I’ve practiced different sports, football, badminton, basketball, mountainbike, swimming, snowboarding. Currently I’m in the national league for american football.Read more » I’ve followed many trainings in different physical preparations and I’m very interested in fitness in general. I’ve completed a fitness trainer certificate in Genevea and I continuously follow further education courses to put my competencies to your service and support you to reach your objectives. “If you quit once it becomes a habit. Never quit.” Michael Jordan (Personal Trainer in Fribourg)



Your goals seem difficult to reach? You lack motivation, ideas or techniques? Take your training to a new level.
Read more »I am interested in personal training and how the body works and I’d like to share my knowledge and skills for you to reach your goals, whatever they may be, and that you achieve them for in a healthy sustainable way. Your plan will be adapted to your personal needs. I have a sports diploma (sports training, physical education, fitness, wellness, health). I have 7 years experience. For more information check my website at, transformation can happen from today onwards! It is never too late to change your life, it only takes one first step(Personal Trainer in Geneva)



My whole life I loved to train, I am from Scottland and was in the 150 kg Bodybuilder category. I have a gift of humor and motivating my clients to train harder (Personal Trainer in Zurich)



From age sixteen I played Basketball and this awakened my interest for physical training and the human body.Read more » Later, after five years studying human science and paramedic training, I took additional courses for physical training and fitness at the university (DEUST). Today my goal is to use sport as a tool to guide you towards your objectives in the best possible way. (Personal Trainer in Geneva)


Victoria –

Having practised dance for fifteen years I’ve always loved moving and improving myself. For the past years I developped a true passion for fitness.Read more » For me it’s more than a simple way to reach an ideal body; it’s a way to find balance. I’d like to support you on your path to reach your goals, may it be the shape you wish for, the performance you crave, or the wellness you seek.
I would like to teach you how to gain self confidence and to love your body for what it is capable of. (Personal Trainer in Geneva and Lausanne)